SogoTrade And KGI Asia Announce Strategic Partnership


– The partnership will provide the opportunity for both companies to expand their online brokerage services throughout Asia and North America

– KGI Asia is the lead investor in Sogo’s Series A investment round

ST. LOUIS, Aug. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — SogoTrade, a digital brokerage subsidiary of Sogo Financial Group, Inc. (“Sogo”), today announced the launch of a strategic international partnership with KGI Asia (“KGI”), one of Hong Kong’s largest brokerage firms. The SogoTrade-KGI partnership is expected to generate new IT and financial advisory positions in the St. Louis area over the next several years and is another example of how the St. Louis region continues its importance as a world financial center.

Sogo CEO Jonathan Yao said, “Once SogoTrade’s digital trading platforms have been integrated with the KGI trading infrastructure, KGI clients will have the ability to quickly open online accounts, easily trade stocks and options on American and Asian exchanges, and they will have the ability to invest in innovative products, such as cryptocurrencies and investment portfolios, using Sogo’s wealth management tools and robo-advisory services.”

As part of the strategic alliance, KGI is also the lead investor in Sogo’s Series A investment financing round, which will help the companies realize their growth initiatives and objectives. Reddy Wong, the CEO of KGI Asia, stated, “KGI’s strategic investment in Sogo will secure for KGI an important technology component and help both companies realize their growth potential.” William Fang, President of KGI Securities (the parent company of KGI Asia), attended the signing ceremony in St. Louis on August 12, 2019. Mr. Fang remarked that, “Introducing an expansive, technology driven online trading solution to KGI Asia customers is a high priority for our company.”

One of Hong Kong’s largest brokerage firms, KGI Asia offers its clients a comprehensive range of products, including equities, bonds, futures and wealth advisory services. KGI will continue to offer the highest quality personal investment services to its existing customer base while it expands its online trading services for those customers who demand a technology-driven trading solution. KGI is a subsidiary of China Development Financial Holding Corp.—a Taiwan based publicly traded company—and has offices throughout Asia, including Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. In addition to its KGI Securities division, China Development Financial is also the parent company of CDIB Capital Group, KGI Bank and currently owns 34.82% of the shares of China Life.

SogoTrade and its senior executive team are recognized as industry leaders in the digital trading space and one of the few focused on serving American and international clients through its multiple trading platforms and multi-lingual customer service staff. Sogo CEO Jonathan Yao and Sogo Asset Management (SAM) CEO Kris Wallace pioneered the online brokerage business during their time at Scottrade (now part of TD Ameritrade), and have leveraged their expertise to relaunch SogoTrade’s cutting edge digital trading platform and services. In addition to low cost stock, ETF and option trading services, SogoTrade is one of the few US brokerage firms where investors now have access to trade cryptocurrencies. SogoTrade also provides wealth management through SAM where clients can build portfolios and implement strategies with help from financial advisors, in order to help realize their long-term investment goals.

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More about the Sogo Companies: Sogo Financial Group, Inc. is the Delaware holding company of the following subsidiaries: (1) SogoTrade, Inc. – a FINRA licensed, SIPC insured online brokerage firm; (2) SogoTrade Asset Management (MarketRiders, Inc.) – a robo-advisor and SEC registered investment advisor; and (3) Sogo Crypto, LLC – a cryptocurrency trading technology company.