SogoTrade Slashes Commissions To $2.88 Per Trade

ST. LOUISNov. 1, 2017 – Starting today, SogoTrade has lowered its stock trades to $2.88, with no share limitations. As a result, SogoTrade has reasserted itself as the leading discount broker for commissions.

All SogoTrade customers now have access to stock trades for $2.88, and options trades for $4.88 + $0.50 per contract.

“SogoTrade focuses on providing the best value for online investors and today we are doing just that by offering the lowest stock trade commissions in the industry,” said Jonathan Yao, CEO of SogoTrade.  “Value is not just about the trading costs, we offer many lower fees, free research and robust trading tools; our online investors deserve not only the lowest fees, but also the best value—we provide all of that!”

This reduced commission with unlimited shares makes SogoTrade the winner in terms of price among the industry’s top online brokerages, especially for active traders who buy and sell high volumes.

“SogoTrade’s commissions are straightforward,” Yao said. “Some brokers appear to have lower fees than SogoTrade, but when you do the math, their fees are actually higher.”

For instance, even though Interactive Brokers’ (IBKR) offers a base commission rate of $0.005 per share, they have a minimum per-trade charge of $1. Most trades of 577 shares or more placed through Interactive Brokers will cost customers more per trade than SogoTrade’s $2.88 commission.

“A penny matters,” says Yao. “If you use SogoTrade to buy 1,000 shares of a stock, you will pay $2.88 for that trade. If the price of the stock goes up one penny, you can make money using SogoTrade. The cost to buy and sell that stock at SogoTrade is only $5.76, which nets you $4.24. At Interactive Brokers, this same transaction ends up costing $10, so you have a $0 net gain.”

Interactive Brokers requires a minimum balance of at least $10,000 for most individual accounts. SogoTrade has no minimum balance.

“We want investors to know that there is great value in having an account with SogoTrade,” said Yao. “With our straightforward pricing, no math is required on your part to determine what will be the cost for a trade. We invite you to open an account with SogoTrade.”

Open an account online in just a few minutes at  No paperwork is required.